Light Where None Exists

Stealing the Writ of Credit

"Kay" "PC" "Corruption"

This adventure began with a simple meeting between Kay and a travelling merchant. The merchant sold him a magical weapon, and offered it for a reduced price if Kay would do something for him. The merchant’s name was Vaenia, and he wanted Kay, and any accomplices he had, to find a way into the duke’s castle and steal a compounding writ of credit. The merchant offered a reduced price and seemed to be deeply rooted in the underground, so Kay agreed.

Having done jobs like this before, though never on this scale, Kay managed to convince Gagaso, Duadexa, and Jesis to accompany him on this mission. Gagaso, with his wolf pets now fully grown, agreed and took two days to train them to dance and yip in as entertaining a fashion as wolves can.

With that, they set out to the duke’s manor. Two guards at the door halted their advance, but were warded off with a successful bluff from Duadexa and Kay. “Oh, we’re entertainers for your lord. He sent a request weeks ago.” Initially the guards were wary, but Gagaso’s dancing wolf routine convinced them, and they were allowed entrance.

Ferried by guards all the way to the lord’s chamber, and guarded the whole while, the group engaged in an ad-hoc routine of comedy mixed with Kay’s interpretive and powerful dance. Gagaso told the story, keeping the lord’s attention as the wolves danced behind him. Kay managed to flip into the rafters of the ceiling, and did a precarious balancing act whilst avoiding notice. As soon as he was above the duke, he dropped behind him and saw the writ of credit on his desk.

Of course, all mishaps happen, and the duke caught Kay in the act of stealing it. In a feat of storytelling soon to be written in the ages by the thieves of the world, Gagaso managed to add that aspect to the story, telling about how a group of adventurers attempted to entertain the lord of a castle while a rogue stole his parchments. The duke and guards bought it, and the show went on. Duadexa created a mirror image of Kay, and set it to attempt to steal something from another desk. While the duke was distracted, Kay managed to get the writ of credit and place a different sheet of paper on the desk of the duke.

The rest of the act went well enough, and they were even paid a bit by the duke for their riveting and almost-real-sounding storytelling. As they left, the duke realized he had been had. Now, he decided, will be the time to increase taxes again. His evil smile came, and he wrote up the document post-haste. As such, the increase in taxes and Gagaso’s recent bankruptcy with his business left the party evicted from their three room home.

The group decided to leave their old hometown, in which they had lived together for over a year, and go to somewhere else to seek their fortunes.



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