Light Where None Exists

Skullking in the Darkness

Upon arrival at Otik‘s Inn the group was set upon by a waylaid young man by the name of Finnick. He spun a tale of how his family Mausoleum was haunted —or so he thought. At night, strange sounds would be heard coming from the mausoleum. Being too afraid to open it and check it out himself, he hires the group to look into it.
Kay jumps on the opportunity at the first mention of reward. Gagaso was willing to help out of the kindness of his heart. The rest of the group agreed, and they set out for the city’s graveyard as the sun began to set.
The atmosphere around the mausoleum was dismal; the sun did not shine on it. Gagaso, curious as to why, looked up and saw an eclipse. The moon, silhouetted against the bright sun, appeared black and cast the shadow over the mausoleum. He didn’t know why, but the eclipse sent a shiver up his spine. He knew this wasn’t going to end well.
The sun set, and the darkness seemed to radiate from the mausoleum, enveloping all else around it. The darkness seemed more complete tonight than normal, and the mausoleum stuck out as the darkest object. Around 11pm, the group began hearing the prophesized howling, moaning, and scratching inside the mausoleum.
Kay took his poition at the side of the double doors, one hand on the chain lever. The others prepared themselves as best they could. Kay pulled the lever, and the doule mausoleum doors opened. Outwards. The doorway blocked any vision Kay had of the inside, and the rest of the group beheld something horrible. Vampire spawn, made from Finnick’s recently dead ancestors, assaulted the group.
They dispatched the monsters, and decided to take a look in the mausoleum itself. They moved the heavy stone covering Finnick’s eldest ancestor, and saw his hands clasped around a large, black blade. Curious, Kay searched the coffin and found a button on the inside near the head. Attempting to push it, he accidentally brushed the ancestor’s head. Bright white-yellow eyes flared open, and Kay leapt back in surprise. The room grew dark, and the group was swallowed by malevolent darkness and reduced into a fitful sleep.
Upon awakening, the group found themselves in a large, cavernous room. Everything around them was pitch black, save for a 20-foot-radius area about them. Ahead, another light gleamed upon an end table. The table seemed made of black stone and housed what resembled a skull. As they watched, a lit path, shining from the skull-table, wound its way around in the darkness, giving the dimensions an alarming increase. The path wound itself for several hundred feet one way then another, and finally connected to the light in which the heroes stood.
Curious, the group decided to follow the lit path, treading carefully so as not to hit the darkness around them. About halfway through, a huge mural lit itself along the path. Kay searched the mural, and found a button. Unsure of what it did, he allowed curiosity to get the better of him and pressed the button. Nothing seemed to happen, so the group disregarded the mural —which depicted the epic prophecy of the angels and demons battling on the Material Plane for supremacy and dominion.
As they walked, they came upon another mural. This mural depicted the demonic victory. The demons held humans and all races under their command, and the angels’ bones were buried under the layers of dirt. Once again curious about what secrets the mural held, Kay searched it, and found that the pixels that made up the mural had shifted recently.
As he searched the mural, however, the darkness began to grow on the pathway behind them, swallowing the previously lit cobblestone. In a panic, the group ran along the lit path, stopping at one point to catch their breath. The darkness, or, rather, something in the darkness, roared a terrible roar that curdled the blood and made the body shake. It was too much for Duadexa, and the sorceress fell to the ground, in hysterics for fear.
The group was forced to carry her the rest of the way, and they approached the black table with the skull on it. The darkness ceased its creeping, and, with Duadexa under the wing, they looked at the skull.
The skull resembled that of an ancient demon of some old folklore. Kay took the initiative and touched the calcified skull with as much carefulness as he could muster. His hand brushed the bone, and it exploded. The skull parts assembled just out of reach, and began to condense together, forming the body of the seven-and-a-half foot tall beast.
Its eyes began to glow a bright, evil red, and it mimicked perfectly the roar the group had so previously heard.
Panic took them, and the group turned to a newly lit path towards a flight of stairs. Gagaso took Duadexa and managed to get her to snap out of her hysterical state in favor of running away from the source of her fear. The group ran, with the beast on their heels, and came up a flight of stairs that led them right into the mausoleum they had previously been standing.
Now, the group is plagued with terrible nightmares of death and destruction and the end of their lives. Psychologically, the group has a terrible stance, and they fear the beast from the dark more than anything else…



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