Light Where None Exists

Gagaso's Business/Meeting Dua and Jesis

Gagaso, Duadexa, Jesis, Kay

The beginning of the campaign. It all began with Duadexa and Jesis, two friends (Elf and Gnome, respectively) in the tavern. Gagaso, a long time resident, and his roommate, Kay, were there as well.
Kay, drunk and wild, decided to pick a fight with a band of half-orcs. These half-orcs decided to punch back, and get Duadexa and Jesis mixed into the fight. They escaped through the back door of the tavern, masked by Duadexa’s Obscuring Mist Spell. The guards arrived around that time, and the group managed to avoid the harsh and corrupt government’s laws. This time.

The group decided on working together for mutual benefit. Gagaso and his ferrying organization began. He and the group led wayfarers through the wilderness for coin, and made a decent living. This went on for a full year. And as the government became more and more corrupt, the taxes were hightened and Gagaso eventually fell behind. The guards wanted him gone, and so they used the corruption to their advantage and attempted to assassinate him.
This brought his business to the ground, and Gagaso is now laced in debt because of his so-called “Crimes.”



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