Light Where None Exists

Brennenburg Castle

At the close of the investigation into Sam’s cold-blooded murders with his wraith friend, the group was knighted as Syntharis’ own detectives. They were making plans to head south into Corinth before their ceremony was finished. The released prisoner, Kazul, decided to travel with the group. They stocked up on food and rations and headed out toward Corinth. About half of the way there and there knocked out and they woke up in different room, almost bare and naked. They each had their own room that were designed to mess with them. After searching around building they began to be attack by an abomination, which ended up bring them all back together, together while over coming the fear of this hideous beast they were able to beat it, some were in severe conditions luckily an unnamed bottle saved their lives. After reforming their party they began to search the castle once more, after a while of walking they walked through a room when it went dark and reappeared again with the room filled with water. They heard splashes of water off in the distance, when they looked they found tentacles pulling back to reveal a terrible monster. After once again almost dying from this encounter, they collected the look and headed off. They appeared in a very large room once again filled with water. Almost immediately Duadexa jumped on a set of barrels and began to walk from barrel to barrel keeping a hand on the wall for support. Out of no where the noise of someone or something walking through the water began to approach them. Whatever it was began to attack and disappear, after a while of fighting the beast grappled Rose and Gagaso trying to save her tried to grapple back, it didn’t work, so more and more of the party pilled on with no effect. Mean while Duadexa, being the elf that she is, pushed in a pressure plate that lead to a room full Bliss Motes swarmed over her and the nearby Jesis, as they became swarmed with these frey they felt extremely good, luckly Jesis fell into the water and they flew off of him. (to be continued)



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