Light Where None Exists

An Inn on the Fun

This adventure began with the group’s arrival in Syntharis. They asked around, looking for a reputable inn to stay at. They were pointed to two: The Green Dragon and Otik’s Inn. The two inns were near each other, but both were reputed for different things. Kay and Gagaso continued to ask around, and learned of a third powerful inn in Syntharis. The Dancing Dryad. Each of these inns was known for a different thing.

  • Otik’s Inn was known for its hospitality, good service, and delicious food.
  • The Green Dragon was known for its amazing ale, the halfling bards that favored that inn, and for its wild parties.
  • The Dancing Dryad was known for its moving image of a dryad on the roof, its “services”, and its lavish atmosphere.

The group was torn among these three inns for a full day, asking around and finding people’s personal opinions on them. The adventure’s end was quite abrubt, as Otik’s Inn happened to be the one they chose almost at random.
Otik’s Inn has other qualities, too.
1 It has the amazing spiced potatoes
2 it has service to die for
3 The inn has an atmosphere of home that none could beat.

While at the inn, the group noted a second group of adventurers. This group seemed at home, but were making departure preparations. Kay, curious, decided to listen in and found out about Tanis, Zarco, Eric, and Porthios, the heroes of Daggerfall. Of course, no one had the knowledge to really remember that, but the names rang bells of familiarity with the group.

The adventure ended with Otik’s Inn becoming the main base of operations in Syntharis.



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