Hello and welcome to the first horror campaign I’ve ever attempted. You must prepare to enter a world where darkness reigns and everything you do has an impact on the static of good and evil. Nothing is certain in this land, and you will be forced to make difficult decisions based on what you meet and who you cooperate with.
The other PCs are your closest friends.
Avoid death, as, while it can be reversed, TPK will end the campaign as if nothing had even begun. Fear the darkness, but more importantly that darkness within yourself.
Choices constitute Taint. If you choose evil, prepare for the Taint to eat you from your soul out. And if you choose good, beware the evils of the world.

The game is set on the Continent of Urusu, the North America of the campaign’s world. It is located approximately 3000 miles to the west of the other continent, Daggerfall. An enormous ocean on the western side of Urusu connects it and Daggerfall’s farthest east side. Urusu is about 10000 miles east to west, and easily 15 – 17000 miles north to south. The main part of the campaign is set in the country of Styryll, the only land-locked country on Urusu.

Syryll is governed by two neutral evil monarchs, Sythiathra and Kavek. The two are married, and keep the country running. Surprisingly, for an evil country, little corruption exists. Sythiathra courts a procession of bureaucrats, but they are not important enough to slow the entire system. As a whole, the government is military controlled. There are 8 major cities in Styryll, spanning the country.

Syntharis, the capital, is the second largest city in Styryll. It houses Sythiathra’s court and almost 200,000 people. Syntharis is a main hub for traders coming between countries and for internal trade. Since Styryll is a self sufficient country, and the law enforcement of the entire country is second-to-none, Syntharis is almost free of counterfeit traders and illegal traders.

The largest city in Styryll, Corinth, is 250 miles south from Syntharis. Corinth houses the mint and the soldier training academies that makes Styryll such a feared nation. The entire city is walled in, and it settles on the beaches of one of the largest lakes on the continent: Crystelmir Lake. The city has a carefully constructed design that utilizes an intricate street system to organize its buildings. The market district is near the center, and it is always bustling with activity. Corinth is the epitome of a carefully controlled and well-regulated city.
(More to come as the adventurers visit more locations)

Note: Sex is a common aspect of the game, as are themes most view as unpleasant. People die, and their deaths are explained in vast detail. This campaign is rated “R” for a reason!

  • Listen to the DM
  • Make careful choices
  • Trust your friends
  • Be wary of evil
  • Jesis is our messiah!
  • Work together to survive
  • Have fun and roleplay your characters as best as possible
  • Be very thurogh with detail when concerning dreams

Light Where None Exists

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